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We are Digital Stores Construction, and We Specialize in The Building and Management Of Online Shopify Stores.



Digital Stores Construction specializes in the building and management of online Shopify stores. Not familiar with Shopify? Shopify is one of the largest global digital marketplaces for buying and selling goods and merchandise. Think of Shopify like a giant digital mall with thousands of online stores and hundreds of thousands of customers daily. What we do is construct you an online storefront in this mall so that you can sell the hottest products to people from all over the world. The best part is that fulfilling orders requires zero involvement on your part! That's right! We design your store so that your store orders are automatically processed, shipped, and fulfilled directly to your customer without you ever having to leave your house!


Sound complicated or like too much work? Think again! It’s actually really simple, and we honestly believe that everyone should own a digital Shopify business as a way to generate passive income. There are some Shopify store owners who generate around $6,000 per month in revenue without ever leaving their couch, or touching a product!

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What our company does is build you a digital storefront, stock it with the hottest trending products, and then provides you with expert knowledge, tools, and guides to successfully run your store. The best part is unlike traditional sites like eBay or Amazon, no packing and shipping of products is required on your end!!! Your Shopify store is set up to 'Dropship' the products to your customers. Once they order a product from your page that order is automatically sent to a fulfillment center that has the product in stock. That fulfillment center will then pack and ship the product on your behalf to your customer. You rarely have to get involved! This is what differentiates our business model from the rest. We make it easier than ever to own your own store with minimal time commitment needed on your part. You can truly sit back, relax, and watch the sales roll in.

Below you will find our store package selection. Once you select a package we will begin processing your order. You’ll get an email notification from our team letting you know we’ve begun construction of your digital Shopify storefront. Typical storefront creation is about two weeks, but during that time we will provide you with loads of information on how to successfully run your Shopify store so that you can hit the ground running once it’s completed. If you have any store layout design requests or products you specifically want us to stock, just let us know.

Running a successful store is not that difficult! Most owners dedicate about 30 minutes per day to check in on their sales data, website visits, and answer any customer questions that may come their way. With our detailed guides on how to manage your Shopify store, you need not worry or feel overwhelmed as we make it simple for you to understand so that you can ramp up your store's success as quickly as possible!

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All packages include the creation of your personal Shopify store, the selection of the hottest trending products at the time, and the setup of order processing, payment, and fulfillment to the customer all of which is automated and requires no intervention or work on your part. You do not have to mail a single thing to the customer! Our automation process will take of all that for you!


This is the beauty of our expertise in building your Shopify store - it is nearly 100% automated which means from the time a customer visits your store, to their order selection, payment, and fulfillment we completely automate so that you can earn money and fulfill customer orders even when you're sleeping. Now that is how a true boss should work!

Regardless of which package you choose; all stores are created with the highest quality designs to naturally attract customers to your store. The primary difference between each store is how many products your store carries. Carrying more products equates to more potential sales however, will require a bit more time management on your part. Again, don't worry about how to manage your store! We provide simple and fun guides on to make the most of your store. Also, if you choose the 'Ultimate Success' package, we provide you with 24/7 expert guidance and support, so you don't have to guess as to how to manage your store and bring in the profits. We will give you our expert advice on exactly what to do!


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    • 20 PRODUCTS

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    • 30 PRODUCTS

    • 8 PAGES
    • 40 PRODUCTS


How much can I expect to earn per month?

Great question! As with any business you get out what you put in. Offering the hottest products, and running a great marketing campaign are some of the most important aspects that will determine your success on Shopify. Again, we will provide you with all the best information and expertise on how to generate revenue for your shop. Shopify store owners bring in a range of revenue per month ranging from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand! It totally depends, but you have to be willing to check in on it every day, tailor your products to what is currently trending, and be sure to run consistent marketing campaigns. And again, we will teach you how to do all this.

What kind of time commitment is owning a Shopify store?

Owning an online Shopify store is much like opening and running a local business in your town – you need to stay on top of it. Although the time commitment is much less because it’s digital, you should expect to spend at least 1 hour per day on your store researching the hottest products, reviewing your marketing statistics, and determining what products in your store are selling best.

Do I have to ship the products myself to my customers?

No, you do not! We use an order fulfillment system called ‘dropshipping’. What this means is that once a customer orders a product from your page, that order is routed directly to a distributor overseas. That distributor will fulfill the order, and then ship it directly to the customer without you ever having to get involved! That is the power of owning an online Shopify business. It nearly eliminates your involvement with fulfillment and logistics thereby freeing up your time for business growth and development. Although the order and fulfillment process are automated, we advise you spend your time each day reviewing data and statistics on your business to optimize its revenue generation.


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